About US

Hi, We're Rose Garnet 

Women come to Rose Garnet to find that the perfect look that makes them feel beautiful and we have been there for them for all of life’s important moments - your first kiss at the dance, graduation, the big interview and the wedding party.  Lives have been changed, and the memories will live forever.


Our exclusive styles are made with you in mind. We buy and design sophisticated, chic and modern styles we know you'll love. We invest in superior construction and high-end finishes to make your purchase a true representation of affordable luxury.


We're control freaks when it comes to sourcing fabrics and managing our manufacturers. Working directly with them allows us to eliminate the middleman to offer quality at a more affordable price. It also allows us to quickly adapt and adjust to the ever changing needs of you, our customer.

Rose Garnet is owned and operated in the heart of Fenton, MO. We are devoted to delivering the most sought-after fashion trends to anyone, anywhere in the world!